Plot line from “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket”

Conflic: P Vs Self: Tom vs. Himself
P Vs Nature: Tom Vs. the wind
P VS P: Tom Vs. Clare
P Vs Self: Tom Vs. the yellow paper

Exposition: Tom Benecke has a wife named Clare. He chooses to do work then to be out with with his wife Clare.
Rising Action: Since he chooses to stay home and do work, he ends up getting problems because his work flies out of the window. He climbs out of the window to try and retrieve his yellow paper.
Climax: He ends up getting stuck outside of his apartment window, while trying to retrieve his yellow paper.
Falling Action: He ends up getting his paper, but he gets stuck outside of his window sill, and then ends up getting back inside of his house about a 15 minutes later.
Resolution: Once he is inside he grabs his coat and hat and heads out to find his wife, while his paper flies out the window again.

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